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Beat Schenker presents
Silvio Moser a life of passion for car racing.
Silvio Moser during the GP Mexico on his Brabham ahead of John Surtees
  pilota indipendente
  I invite you to visit the Palmares page of Silvio Moser!
  Extract from a series of articles published in the “Eco dello Sport” written in Ticino’s dialect during 1974.
  This article will not be translated from the local dialect into English, since it would loose its real sense.  
  Onlineshop for the Book "SILVIO MOSER pilota indipendente" and others
born on 24 April 1941  
died on 26 May 1974  
premature beginning          
  This project was born with the intention of letting everyone know about Silvio Moser, the Swiss Formula 1 pilot and his career. Silvio Moser was known as an excellent driver but unfortunately he was one of the drivers who did not have a chance to become famous.
Due to various problems, his results in races were not always optimal. We begin this project with the "Brabham Ford BT24 - 3" used during the 1969 season. However, we will periodically provide a continuous expansion of information contained here, on a personal, technical, Data Base and articles published during his career. This information will be translated into other languages.

Author   Beat Schenker  
  In 1966 I was working as a mechanic in Silvio Moser's garage. During 1967 I helped him on three of his races as an assistant mechanic. From 1968 onwards, I became the official mechanic for the races, and remained in this position until Silvio Moser lost his life in a racing car accident in 1974.
Among other projects, I am currently trying to restore two of Silvio's Formula One cars, the "Brabham Ford BT 24 - 3" and the "Bellasi Ford F1 - 70".
    Siegfried C. Strasser
Siegfried C. Strasser is the author of several books:
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