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  Guglielmo Bellasi intervistato da Mario Donini nel Autosprint
  Povera ma Bellasi Autosprint 2018 n°10 down1
  04.02.2015 Automobil Revue n°6
  Der Kleine mit dem schweren Fuss Automobil Revue Adriano Cimarosti down1
  19. April 2016 MOTORSPORT aktuell n°18
  Silvio Moser - Ein Leben lang Privatier MOTORSPORT aktuell Christian Eichenberger down1
  Motoring News, Thursday, May 22, 1969, n° 637
  Hill's fifth Monaco Monaco 1969 by Andrew Marriott (A.R.M.) down1
  Motoring News, Thursday, September 25, 1969, n° 655
  Jackies battle at Mosport Canada 1969 by Andrew Marriott (A.R.M.) down1
  Fifty Years of the Canadian Grand Prix:
  Motoring News, Thursday, October 9, 1969, n° 657    
  Rindt's first at the Glen USA 1969 by Andrew Marriott (A.R.M.) down1
  Autosport, Thursday, October 23, 1969
  Hulme's Mexican Holiday Mexico 1969 by David Phipps down1
  Motoring News, Thursday, June 25, 1970, n° 694
  Rindt earns his greatest victory Zandvoort 1970 by Mike Doodson (M.G.D) down1